When the time comes to replace your roof, you’ll be faced with a ton of options. With everything from traditional asphalt shingles to concrete tiles on the table, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So what IS the best roofing solution for Québec’s ever-changing weather? The best option, without a doubt, is aluminum shingles—also known as a metal roof!

Here are 8 reasons to invest in a permanent metal solution when the time comes to re-roof your home.

Here are 8 reasons to choose an Interlock® aluminum shingle roof


Your aluminum roof is guaranteed for life, because it is made from the most durable material available. And because Interlock® aluminum roofs don’t absorb water, they don’t get heavier when wet—a significant advantage that helps preserve your home’s structural integrity.


Aluminum shingles installed by the experts at Toits Permanents du Québec can resist winds up to 190 km/h, thanks to their unique four-way locking system. An aluminum roof won’t be altered by any acid rain, bird droppings or tree sap that falls onto its surface. It’s resistant to pollution, moisture, mold and even salt fog along the water.

Our metal roofs are fire resistant and have the highest hail impact ratings on the market.


Interlock® aluminum shingles are made of 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum, which helps keep waste out of the landfill. And unlike asphalt shingles, they reflect UV rays, helping to reduce urban heat islands. Finally, you’ll never need to replace your metal roof, which is the very best way to not create waste at all.


Your metal roof made from Interlock® aluminum shingles is guaranteed for life. The product warranty is non-depreciating and can be transferred to a new owner for a total of up to 50 years. Furthermore, installation is guaranteed for 10 years, one of the longest warranties on the market.


Our aluminum roofs are installed over an insulating protective membrane that’s glued directly onto the plywood. This not only provides insulation, but also absorbs the sound of rainfall. During the summer months, the reflective properties of our aluminum shingles will protect your roof from the sun’s rays.


Replacing your roof isn’t just an expense anymore; it’s an investment! A metal roof adds value to your home, since it doesn’t deteriorate or depreciate. And once it’s installed, you’ll never have to pay for a roof repair again.

No re-roofing for 50 years, guaranteed!


A metal roof requires no maintenance, good weather or bad! Aluminum shingles prevent debris from clinging to the surface, and the snow slides right off.


A metal roof will add a touch of luxury to the look of your home. Not only does aluminum roofing provide superior durability, it’s also beautiful and will give your house a high-end facelift. You can explore all our colour options here.

Still hesitant about investing in a metal roof for your home?

Check out our comparison table or ask for a free estimate to weigh your options.

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