Your best investment: Interlock aluminum roofing

Toits permanents du Québec has chosen to offer only Interlock aluminum roofing because we want to offer our customers only the best product—a roofing solution that has been tried and tested since 1969 and continues to make technological advances year after year.

It’s a logical investment to increase your property value.


Resistant finish

The finish won’t be altered by acid rain, pollution, bird excrement, tree sap, humidity, mould or salt mist.


Environmentally responsible

Because this roofing is made from 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum, it reduces landfill waste. And unlike asphalt shingles, aluminum roofing helps reduce urban heat islands and smog because it reflects UV rays.


Guaranteed for life

Non-decreasing and transferable product warranty. Plus a 10-year guarantee on installation: one of the most extensive on the market.


Weather resistant

Resists winds up to 190 km/hr thanks to its unique four-way locking system.


Hail resistant

Meets the highest standard for hail-impact resistance.



Protects from embers thanks to the protective polytetrafluoroethylene layer.



Keeps debris from adhering to the surface and allows snow to slide off.


No depreciation

Since the product does not change, it does not depreciate.


No re-roofing costs

You don’t have to re-roof after 15, 20, 25, 50 years…: guaranteed!

Over 25 years of expertise

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Lifetime roofing systems

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Colour and finish options

Interlock aluminum roofing is available in 2 types of finishes and a wide array of colours.

Don’t you deserve an aluminum roof?