Are you renovating your home and looking for eco-friendly, sustainable options that will improve your insulation and energy efficiency? There are a few simple ways to reduce annual heating and cooling costs in your home, such as replacing old windows and installing a heat pump. But another great option is to switch to a metal roof!

Metal roofs from Toits Permanents du Québec are the perfect solution, thanks to the insulating properties of their Interlock® aluminum shingles.

See for yourself how the superior insulation of our metal roofs puts money back in your pocket!

Summer energy savings

Metal roofs are perfect for Québec’s ever-changing weather, since they provide great insulation in cold and hot temperatures alike. The ceramic pigments in our exclusive Alunar® coating embedded with Teflon™ work to reflect the sun’s UV rays away from your home.

Unlike asphalt shingles that absorb the sun’s rays, heating up the attic and the rest of your home, a metal roof reflects heat, keeping your interior more comfortable during those summer heatwaves. If you use an air conditioner, an aluminum roof can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25%—that’s a pretty good savings rate!

Reduces heat islands

The second advantage of a metal roof stems from the first: because metal roofs reflect UV and infrared rays, they also help reduce urban heat islands and smog. This may not have a direct impact on your electricity bill, but it’s a great way to join in collective environmental sustainability efforts.

Great winter insulation

Thanks to the Interlock® system that seals its aluminum shingles on all four sides once installed, our metal roofs are resistant to wind, rain and snow. This proven technology provides maximum insulation against the elements to keep you warm all winter long!

Sound insulation

The shingles on metal roofs are laid over an insulating and protective membrane that’s glued directly onto the plywood. Not only does this ensure great protection from extreme weather, the membrane also absorbs a lot of noise, especially the patter of rain. It’s just one more way that we help improve your quality of life!

The superior insulation that a metal roof provides translates into major energy savings. It’s an excellent investment that will save you money in the long run and keep you comfortable indoors no matter the season.

To learn more about the benefits of a metal roof, click here or contact us.

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