Have you ever heard of eco-friendly roofing? Eco-friendly roofs are increasingly popular among homeowners and real estate developers. Many recent condos are designed with vegetated roofs.

There are other options that respect the environment besides green roofs. That’s why many Québécois also consider installing metal roofing when they redo their roof.

Toits Permanents du Québec specializes in installing aluminum roofing. A metal roof is among the strongest, most durable eco-friendly choices on the market. We are proud to offer you the Interlock® option, a renowned brand in the world of aluminum roofing.

We also have unmatched experience in the profession. We’ve been providing our installation service for over 20 years. Our experienced installers are more than qualified to advise you and to give you perfect results.

Our team is also available if you have questions about our service or eco-friendly metal roofs. We’re delighted to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Discover now all the advantages of opting for an eco-friendly roof.

What is an eco-friendly roof?

By definition, an eco-friendly roof is one that meets numerous environmental criteria. If you’re interested in installing an eco-friendly roof on your building, have a look at the various materials available.

Different roofing materials

  • Vegetated roof: When you picture an eco-friendly roof you usually envision a vegetated roof. Unfortunately, these can be expensive options because green roofs are heavy and you’ll probably need to strengthen the structure before installing one.
  • Wooden roof: Unfortunately, we don’t recycle elastomer in Québec, so at the end of their lifespan these materials aren’t recyclable.
  • Composite, EPDM, elastomer and bitumen: Malheureusement, nous ne recyclons pas l’élastomère au Québec. En fin de vie, ces matériaux ne sont donc pas recyclables.
  • Metal and aluminum: Vegetated roofs aside, metal roofing is without a shadow of doubt the most eco-friendly materials on the market. This eco-friendly roofing material consists 100% of recycled and recyclable material.

Advantages of aluminum roofing

We have good reasons for only offering you aluminum roofing. We feel that it’s the best possible investment for industrial or commercial property owner. For 20 years, Toits Permanents du Québec has proven itself and acquired a sterling reputation.

We are proud to offer you a high-quality product. Now have a look at all the advantages of our aluminum roofing.

  • A clear increase in the value of your property;
  • A resistant finish means that this type of roofing isn’t degraded by acid rain, pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, dampness, rot and salt fog;
  • Eco-friendly because it’s made 100% from recycled and recyclable aluminum products;
  • A significant reduction in urban heat islands and smog because the surface reflects UV rays;
  • A lifetime non-amortizing and transferrable warranty on materials. Our company also provides a 10-year warranty on installation, much longer than that offered by most installers in the marketplace.
  • The elements won’t affect your roof. Eco-friendly roofing stands up to winds of up to 190 km/h because of a unique four-way locking system.
  • Our roofs are also recognized as meeting the highest standard for hail impact. Finally, metal roofs don’t burn. You won’t have to worry about burning coals because of the protective Teflon layer.
  • A metal roof can last for up to 50 years! You won’t have to think about redoing your roof for a very long time, and when it’s outlived its usefulness it can be entirely recycled.

Why trust your project to Toits Permanents du Québec?

If you want to add an eco-friendly roof to your building, we’re the team to call. Our experienced installers have gained in-depth knowledge from installing large numbers of metal roofs. We’ve been in the field for over 20 years and our experience is a definite asset on a construction site.

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Our team is proud to provide high-quality service that meets all the requirements of the RBQ. Our mission is to provide you with impeccable service, materials of a higher quality than you’ll find anywhere else and a result that fulfils all your expectations.

You’ll also be able to choose your permanent roof from a large range of colours. It will be easy to match your roof to the rest of your building.

Don’t hesitate to request a free estimate today!

Contact us if you need more information. We’ll be very pleased to take your call and discuss your options with you.

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