A metal roof: Your best ally against Québec winters

Mother nature throws everything she has at Québec in the wintertime, with heavy snowfalls followed by warmer weather and ice storms. In order to stand up to these extremes, our homes have to be built strong, with a roof that can provide effective protection.

Metal roofs are extremely resistant and durable, and are the best choice for preventing snow or ice damage to your home. See what makes Toits permanents du Québec your best ally for winter!

Zero snow and ice accumulation

Major snow and ice storms can cause significant damage to a traditional roof, but our metal roofs are built to withstand ice and snow.

Every shingle on our metal roofs is coated with the ALUNAR® Teflon-embedded protection system. The protective coating keeps snow and ice from sticking to the roof, allowing them to slide right off. Our system prevents heavy snow accumulation that can damage the structure of your home. With a metal roof, you’ll never have to worry about clearing your roof after a heavy snowfall!

Aluminum roofs are resistant to hail and wind

A sturdy metal roof provides great protection against hail. Tests on Interlock roofing systems have demonstrated resistance to hailstones as large as 2.5 cm in diameter, a size rarely seen in our province. In other words: you won’t have to worry about ice damaging your metal roof!

Furthermore, our metal roofs stood up to 275 km/hr winds in advanced wind tests without showing signs of damage. Our warranty covers damage caused by winds of up to 190 km/hr.

Prevent dangerous snow slides

Depending on your building’s design, you may need to keep snow and ice from accumulating on your roof and prevent dangerous slides in certain spots, such as the garage entrance. We can install ice and snow shields in strategic locations on your roof to mitigate the risk. Ask us for advice anytime!

If you have any questions about metal roofs and their advantages when it comes to snow and ice, we’d love to hear from you!

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